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We are a family run business.  We work from home and employ the talents of the entire family. Low overhead and no payroll means we can pass the savings on to you.  CJ's Web & Graphic Design specializes in web design for the Small Business Owner.  As a small business ourselves, we know the unique challenges a business owner faces when looking for an affordable, personalized web site.

CJ's also specializes in Auto Racing Team and Driver web sites.  We have been fans of NASCAR, ARCA, ASA, NHRA, CART, and other forms of auto racing for many years.  We know what a race fan wants to see on a driver's web site.  With our many years of following racing, we understand the sport of auto racing better than most people.  It is a great benefit to you if your web designer knows the competitors, rules and politics of the sport.  We can offer your team an affordable, personalized web site that is updated before, during and after a race with race stats, press releases and news items as they happen.

The idea for this business came about when Cindie developed an interest in Web and Graphic Design.  She set about teaching herself Microsoft Front Page®, Adobe Photoshop®, as well as the Macromedia® MX Suite of Graphic and Web Design Programs.  After spending 25 years working in the accounting and bookkeeping field, it was time for a change and it seemed there was a need for designers who specialize in small business.  Small business owners often cannot afford companies that build complicated, in-depth web sites nor does a small business need that type of site.

Tom has had 20 years of experience in drafting as well as design and engineering in the Cable TV field.  Tom is the one with the artistic eye and often redirects the design process toward a more eye-pleasing appearance.

TJ is our animated .gif specialist.  He is a whiz at creating simple or complicated animations as well as Flash® movies.  His input and design abilities can really spice up a web site.

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