- Pricing -

The cost to design a web site will vary depending upon the size of the site and the number of graphics we need to design for you.  Our sites are NOT built from templates where graphics are simply plugged into existing pages.  Each site is designed from the ground up to your satisfaction.  Page layout and color schemes are designed to match the needs of your business and compliment your existing logo.

Here are a few examples of design costs:

Basic:  4-6 pages using your existing logo


Mid-level:  7-20 pages using your existing logo


Upper-level:  20+ pages using your existing logo

$1000 and up

Logo design

starting at $200

The monthly maintenance cost will also vary depending on the number of hours required each month to keep your site up to date.  If you have basic html knowledge you can maintain your new site yourself.  If you choose to have us maintain it for you the maintenance fees are $30 per hour billed monthly.  Minimum maintenance cost is $200 per month.

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